James Madison University

Program History

1980 - The program was called Fitness and Health Promotion and started by Dr. John Radar. At that time, Health Sciences and Physical Education and Sport were part of the same department. When the two programs became separate departments in 1989, the Fitness and Health promotion concentration was renamed Health Assessment & Promotion. The curriculum was restructured to include the courses that introduced physical and clinical assessment techniques. The HAP concentration is part of the Health Sciences' bachelor's of science degree program.

1996 - Dr. David Wenos became the program director and established the Human Performance Laboratory within the Department of Health Sciences. The first lab was located in the Modular Building with a treadmill, metabolic cart, and a BodPod which was the first air displacement plethysmography system for body composition on the east coast.

2000 - The Department of Health Sciences moved into the new Health and Human Services building and current location. A laboratory space was designed specifically for the Human Performance Laboratory. Graduate students positions were assigned to the program to assist with laboratory classes.

2000 - present – The Senior Client Project was incorporated into the HAP program and has conducted and evaluated assessments on over 250 individuals. Presently, each volunteer undergoes over 25 clinical and physical assessments.


  • August 28
    First Day of Classes
  • November 17-25
    Thanksgiving Break
  • December 9-15
    Final Examinations
  • December 15-16