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Admission to the Program

The program accepts one group of 30 students each year.  They begin classes in the fall semester.  Students are selected through a competitive process that includes two separate applications and admission processes - one to the Graduate School, the second to the PA Program through CASPA. Candidates must complete both applications in order to be considered.

View application deadlines and more information about the application procedure

Pre-application advising may be obtained as follows:

  1. For general information about the program and the application process, read this website thoroughly.
  2. If you are currently a JMU student or live close to the university, attend an information session. Times and dates
  3. After familiarizing yourself with the general information, if you have questions specific to your own situation contact the PA Program for an in-person or telephone appointment.

Contact the PA Program at:

James Madison University
Physician Assistant Program
Dept. of Health Sciences,
801 Carrier Drive, MSC 4301
Health and Human Services Building, Rm. 3100
Harrisonburg, VA 22807
Phone: (540) 568-2395
Fax: (540) 568-3336
Email: paprogram@jmu.edu

Information about the elements of the application and admission process can be found at:


  • 2015 Information Session Schedule
  • Monday, August 31
    Fall Semester Begins
  • November 23 - 27
    Thanksgiving break – no classes held
  • December 14 - 18
    Final examinations
  • Saturday, December 19
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