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Let us know where you were accepted! Students love to know where fellow JMU Health Sciences students are being accepted for Graduate School. We ask you during assessment day but most haven't heard from schools yet. Update your information or add your information by filling out the form below. We want to know every school you were accepted to! Let's add your information to our "wall of fame" posted outside the advising office!

We are so proud of all of our students! Congrats and best wishes!

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  • October 31 - Registration begins for 2012 spring semester
  • November 19-26 - Thanksgiving Break
  • December 9 - Last day of classes
  • December 12-16 - Final examinations
  • December 17 - Commencement

Welcome from Health Sciences


Welcome to the Department of Health Sciences! The department is home to 39 full-time faculty members and approximately 1,700 students.. Our primary goal is to prepare students for entry into professional programs in various health professions or careers in health sciences or dietetics. More >