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Faculty/Staff Directory

Name Office Phone Email
Dr. Stephanie Baller HHS 3148 540-568-8973 ballersl@jmu.edu
Dr. Audrey Burnett HHS 3136 540-568-8969 burnetaj@jmu.edu
Ms. Erika Collazo HHS 3116 540-568-8975 collazem@jmu.edu
Dr. Jessica Goodman HHS 3140 540-568-5645 goodm3jd@jmu.edu
Mr. Tim Howley HHS 3149 540-568-7895 howleytm@jmu.edu
Dr. Robert Koslow HHS 3150 540-568-6510 koslowre@jmu.edu
Dr. Kristi Lewis
Program Director
HHS 3139 540-568-2607 lewiskl@jmu.edu
Dr. Kathy Ott Walter HHS 3114 540-568-8972 ottwalmk@jmu.edu
Dr. Andrew Peachey HHS 3147 540-568-5053 peacheaa@jmu.edu
Dr. Terri Prodoehl HHS 3111 540-568-8704 prodoert@jmu.edu
Dr. Sarah Rush HHS 3137 540-568-4948 rushse@jmu.edu
Dr. Margi Stickney HHS 3153 540-568-2979


Dr. Debra L. Sutton HHS 3112 540-568-3392 suttondl@jmu.edu
Dr. France Weaver HHS 3152 540-568-3958 weaverfm@jmu.edu


  • Summer Hours 
    May 6 - August 16 
    Mon-Thurs 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 
    Friday 8:00 a.m. - 12 noon

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