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James Madison University

Curriculum Overview

Summer Year 1 8 weeks  
HTH 409/OT 510. Therapeutic Interaction 3
HTH 431/OT 530. Human Occupation & the Foundations of the Profession 3
HTH 445/OT 540. The Occupational Therapy Process 3
Fall Year 1  
BIO 414/ BIO 514. Functional Anatomy for OT's 4
HTH 424/OT 520 Occupational Development Through the Life Span 3
BIO 440/BIO 540 Functional Neuroscience 3
HTH 461/OT 561 Therapeutic Media in Occupational Therapy 2
Spring Year 1  
HTH 435/OT 555. Level I Fieldwork One 1
HTH 460/OT 560. Sensorimotor Foundations of Occupation 3
HTH 478/OT 580. Occupational Dysfunction: Cause and Impact 3
HTH 479/OT 590. Foundations of Research in Occupational Therapy 3
HTH 485/OT 585. Psychosocial Perspectives in OT Practice 3
HTH 491/OT 591. Tutorial Group 1
Summer Year 2  
May session - OT 538. Administrative Functions for OT's 3
Fall Year 2  
OT 600. Assistive Technology in OT Practice 3
OT 610. Occupational Therapy Intervention in Pediatrics 3
OT 620. School Based Practice 2
OT 630. Evidence Based Practice 3
OT 645. Level I Fieldwork Two 1
OT 691. Tutorial Group 1
Spring Year 2  
OT 640. Occupational Therapy Intervention Throughout Adulthood 4
OT 651. Community Based Practice 4
OT 655. Level I Fieldwork Three 1
OT 692. Tutorial Group III 1
Summer Year 3  
OT 663. Policy Analysis and Systems of Service Provisions 3
OT 665. Level II Fieldwork One 12-week placement 6
Fall Year 3  
OT 675. Level II Fieldwork Two 12-week placement 6
OT 680. Independent Study 3

Note: Level II fieldwork must be completed within 24 months of completion of didactic coursework.

Students must successfully pass all courses each semester (according to graduate school and program policy) to the following term.


Accreditation, Student Outcomes, an Certification

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