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Admission as an Undergraduate Senior

Students who have 85 undergraduate credits and have completed all criteria for admission can apply to the program. Students must be admitted to JMU. Students entering JMU as seniors are required to meet all General Education requirements for the B.S. Degree in Health Sciences/ Occupational Studies Concentration. Students will complete 35 hours in their senior year and will receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences. Students following this point of entry into the program have the opportunity to combine a minor to their B.S. degree in Health Sciences. Admission into the occupational studies concentration as a senior does not ensure admission into the graduate school or graduate level occupational therapy program.

To begin graduate coursework after receiving an undergraduate degree, applicants must apply and be accepted by The Graduate School during their senior year. Students must complete 44 graduate credits for completion of the MOT degree.

Applicants must submit:

A completed application to the Occupational Therapy Program includes:

  1. Application form
  2. Graduate Record Examination scores in Verbal, Quantitative and Writing. (taken prior to November 15) Please submit a photocopy with your application materials.
  3. Documentation verifying a minimum of 40 hours of observation of occupational therapy services.
  4. Prerequisite Course Checklist
  5. Three reference forms: one from an instructor, one from an employer/volunteer supervisor and one from someone who is not a relative.  Please do not submit letters. 
  6. Autobiography (1,500 words or less)
  7. Personal resume
  8. Transcripts of all undergraduate coursework completed up to the date of application
  9. Meet all requirements in ISST and computer competency as required by the JMU General Education Program and listed in the undergraduate catalog.

All required forms are included in the application packet.  Please copy as necessary.

It is recommended that all applicants have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in prerequisite courses required by the OT Program.

Students may be enrolled in prerequisite course work during the semester their application is submitted.


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