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Admission as an Undergraduate Senior

JMU students who entered JMU spring 2016 or before and are majoring in Health Sciences with a concentration in Health Studies, who have 85 undergraduate credits (including all Gen Ed) and have completed all criteria for admission (see Laura Blosser for advising), can apply to the program. Upon acceptance to the OT program, students will shift from a Health Studies concentration to the Occupational Studies concentration. Students will then complete 35 hours in their senior year and will receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences.   Admission into the occupational studies concentration as a senior does not ensure admission into the graduate school or graduate level occupational therapy program. This option is NO longer available to students who enter JMU fall 2016 or after.

To begin graduate coursework after receiving an undergraduate degree, applicants must apply and be accepted by The Graduate School during their senior year. Students must complete 44 graduate credits for completion of the MOT degree.

Admission as a JMU Undergraduate Senior

  1. Acceptance to JMU

  2. Declare Major

    Declare Health Sciences major with a Health Studies concentration

    • Complete 85 credits
    • Seek Pre-OT advising (Recommended)
    • Join Pre-OT Association (Recommended)

  3. Junior Year

    Apply to JMU OT Program (known as Occupational Studies concentration)

  4. Summer before start of Senior Year

    If accepted into the JMU OT program, matriculate into Occupational Studies Program in summer before start of Senior Year

  5. Fall of Senior Year

    Apply to the Graduate School for MOT Program completion after graduation

  6. End of Senior Year

    Graduate with a B.S. in Health Sciences

  7. Post-Graduation

    Complete final 1.5 years in MOT Program

Applicant Checklist:

A completed application to the Occupational Therapy Program includes:

  1. Application form – Applicants must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.8, though 3.0 is recommended (A = 4.0)
  2. Graduate Record Examination scores in Verbal, Quantitative and Writing. (taken prior to November 15) Please submit a photocopy with your application materials.
  3. Observation Verification Form(s) - verifying a minimum of 40 hours of observation of occupational therapy services provided by an OT. We recommend applicants be evaluated by occupational therapists from at least two different settings. A signature from each individual is required.
  4. Prerequisite Course Checklist. A “C” (2.0) grade or better in all prerequisite coursework is required. Applicants may be enrolled in a maximum of 3 prerequisite courses during the spring semester prior to the start of the Occupational Therapy program. The courses must be completed by the end of spring semester. Please note that you may take either Anatomy or Physiology during the spring semester but not both as stand-alone classes. (It is acceptable to complete a second semester of a combined Anatomy/Physiology course.)
  5. Three reference forms: one from an instructor, one from an employer/volunteer supervisor and one from someone who is not a relative. Read the forms carefully and adhere to the instructions.
  6. Personal statement (1,500 words or less) – details inside application packet
  7. Personal resume – details inside application packet
  8. Transcripts of all undergraduate coursework completed up to the date of application
  9. Meet all requirements in ISST and computer competency as required by the JMU General Education Program and listed in the undergraduate catalog.

All required forms are included in the application packet. Please copy as necessary. Completed applications as well as Reference forms & Observation Verification forms should be mailed to the following address:

James Madison University
Department of Health Sciences – Occupational Therapy Program
235 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, MSC 4301
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

Application materials must be received no later than end of business day on December 1.


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